Upcoming Papercrafts

Upcoming Models
  • More characters from the Crash Bandicoot series (maybe Coco or Cortex? Who knows :p)

  • Klonoa 2 Klonoa (PS2)
  • More Crash bandicoot triology models

On Hold
  • Saria Ocarina of Time SSB3DS Trophy (Working on a way to actually make it possible)


  1. make more of Crash bandicoot please
    like him and his motocycle

    1. Extremely late reply, but I will surely work on new Crash models, starting with the other characters and slowly moving to do all the Crash versions from the special levels (motorbike crash would indeed be awesome!)

  2. Link from ocarina and Saria would be freakin awesome! Came here from the reddit crash bandicoot post and thought I'd continue with my love of papercrafting again. Crash is almost finished! I'll defenitely be here to stay!

    1. Hey, be sure to send me a picture when you finish building Crash! About Zelda models, I have a friend who has a blog, PaperZelda (which casually enough I'm part of) full of Zelda models from the various games designed by my friends Paperlegend and Sabidiet (trust me, they're the ones who taught me everything I know about papercrafting today). You can also find Nintendo models on Nintendo Papercraft (including Zelda models of course), so be sure to check em out!

      Paperzelda: https://paperzelda.blogspot.com/
      Nintendo Papercraft: http://nintendo-papercraft.com/