Friday, September 2, 2016

Update 1: New theme, post schedule and upcoming models

People may ask, what am I working on right now?

First things first, you can check everything in the upcoming papercrafts tab which I will update as I release new designs.

The next model release on Monday is gonna be the Crash Bandicoot crates collection I hinted in the latest papercraft release.

After the crates, I'll release a more complex model that will go together with Aku Aku (hopefully): that's nothing else than Crash Bandicoot himself from the 2nd and the 3rd game. All the progress I did so far is in the image.
You may ask "why is there a metal wire in the model?" and the answer is simple: The model needs stability and I'm adding a mix of cardboard with metal wires in it to add the most stability.

After the major Crash Bandicoot model release, I'll work on one last Crash model for now and then it will be Klonoa 2 time, with Klonoa himself.

At this point you can note that I updated my blog's theme and logo since the older ones were a bit outdated. I'll keep this theme for at least a couple years if not more and I really like how everything came out. I'll add extra stuff on the sidebar as well in the upcoming months.

I'm planning to keep a weekly monday release schedule in order to have the website active with focus on one model per week and to have enough time to design other papercrafts in the meanwhile.

As always I hope you all enjoy my papercrafts, stay tuned on monday for the next release!

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